SA Aviation Studies Scot Andy Traficante Takes his First Solo Flight

For some people, the sky’s the limit. But to Scots like Andy Traficante ’21, the sky feels like home.
Saint Andrew’s has a unique partnership with Lynn University’s College of Aeronautics offering Upper School students ages 16 and over the opportunity to obtain pilot’s licensing training after school and on weekends.
Andy Traficante is the youngest student to ever solo in Lynn’s partner program with Saint Andrew’s. “To be entrusted to fly one of their aircraft, alone, is truly meaningful for me. It is a privilege that I do not, and will not ever take for granted.”
The Dean of the College of Aeronautics, Dr. Jeff Johnson, and the Chief Flight Instructor, Captain Peeler, has guided Andy’s aviation development. “On the day of my solo, the weather was terrible, but instead of canceling my flight and rescheduling, my instructor waited several hours for the skies to clear. He knew how important this was to me, and he was determined to help me reach my goal.”
“It was a day I will never forget,” he recalled. 
Scots in the aviation program can earn an Instrument Pilot Rating. The rating aids students in trusting the instruments and allows them to fly at night and in imperfect weather. 
As an added bonus, students participating in the program may earn up to 12 college credits through Lynn University.
Andy is committed to a future in aviation thanks to the opportunities he’s had as part of the Lynn University and Saint Andrew’s partnership. “I plan to continue my training until I reach my final goal, which is to earn an Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) license. My experiences with Dr. Johnson and Captain Peeler have exposed me to seemingly endless opportunities in the aviation industry.” 
Andy’s plans to major in Aerospace Engineering in college, and hopes to one day contribute to the design and testing of new aircraft and avionics. “I am fortunate that Saint Andrew's has course offerings and partnerships that enable me to stand out from other college applicants. My classes keep me challenged and engaged on a daily basis.”
All Scots are encouraged to reach for their boldest dreams in classes, on sports teams, in studios, and more. For Andy - one dream has already been achieved - the dream of his first solo flight. Saint Andrew’s is certain that the future holds big plans for Andy, and that his biggest dreams are written in the sky. 

Click to see Andy celebrate his first flight!

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