At Saint Andrew’s, we believe in delivering an exceptional education that strikes the right balance and combines a strong academic curriculum with the Arts. We encourage our students to explore and develop their talents and offer numerous opportunities in the Visual and Performing Arts, as well as in our Film and Broadcasting program.

The goal of the Arts Department is to encourage individual creative expression, develop specific skills and techniques, and to learn to communicate with an audience through exhibitions and performances. We also hope to help our students nurture an appreciation of all art forms.

Visual Arts

The Visual Arts Program encourages creativity and teaches fundamental elements of design. It provides students with challenging opportunities to explore their creative potential and to discover new and insightful ways of viewing and analyzing the world. The program strives to expand students’ abilities to distinguish and appreciate the arts as a historical reflection of humankind, its values, and cultures.

Students are introduced to a variety of techniques that serve as the building blocks for a solid artistic foundation. While acquiring and improving the fundamental skills central to all visual art mediums – composition, form, light, color, line, shape, and texture– students explore their individuality and expand their creative spirit.
The Domenico Mazzone Visual Arts Building houses an art history classroom with resources that consist of an extensive slide collection, art reproductions, books, and periodicals. Other facilities include three fully equipped classroom studios designated for specific areas of study, an eight-station darkroom, and a spacious gallery to showcase student art. Space is also allocated for future development of a fully equipped graphic arts technology studio.

Visual Arts offerings include Drawing, Graphic Design, Sculpture, Ceramics, Painting, Photography, Printmaking, and Art History.

Performing Arts

The Performing Arts program challenges students artistically and intellectually. It introduces students to the necessary skills and techniques essential in the disciplines of dance, theatre, instrumental, and vocal music. Through rigorous training, students develop creativity and confidence to flourish as on-stage performers.

Our school is blessed to have Wight Hall - The Center for Performing Arts, a 655 seat state-of-the-art auditorium, as the home base for all student performances and the Symphonia of Boca Raton.

Film and Broadcasting

Our Film & Broadcast Program offers students key skills to develop an original voice and vision. Students learn to create short films and documentaries, or engage in other forms of filmmaking or writing.

The program teaches students to produce compelling stories using text and imagery. By being exposed to an array of mediums, students strengthen their craft and technique. Opportunities in the program range from intensive studio courses, fieldwork, and one-on-one tutorials with faculty, to rich collaboration with other students and departments. Through course selection, students can shape their experience to align with their specific artistic area of interest.

Private Music Lessons

The Private Music Lesson and Dance Program provides a wonderful opportunity to enrich the life of your child through music here. Our Arts Department offers private music instruction to interested students in grades 6 through 12. We are also proud to extend our Private Lesson Program to Saint Andrew’s parents and alumni. We offer all levels of instructions, from beginner to advanced, and schedule lessons based on student convenience and instructor availability. Lessons include instruction in piano, wind instruments, percussion, string instruments, bagpipes, guitar, voice, and dance. If you are interested in private instruction for your child or yourself, fill out the Private Lesson form completely. Lessons are taught on a weekly basis throughout the entire school year either during or after school, depending on the student’s schedule and instructor's availability. Parents will be charged monthly via their Saint Andrew's School account for lessons. Lesson charges range from $32 to $65 per lesson depending upon the type and length of the lesson.

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