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This is Saint Andrew's School

This is Saint Andrew's School

This is the Scot Way

and who we are proud to be

Saint Andrew's Students with flags
Community Service in Costa Rica with Saint Andrew's students
Saint Andrew's Upper School Physics Lab
Students attending chapel
Saint Andrew's Math students writing on glass

Committed to Excellence

A knowledgeable and empowered lifelong learner with an independent spirit who pursues passions with confidence and curiosity

Well Balanced

A growth-minded individual who fosters supportive relationships and models a commitment to physical and mental well-being


A creative, collaborative, and technologically skilled problem-solver who has the courage to take intellectual risks

Spiritually Aware

An honorable person who embraces their own beliefs, values diversity, and is respectful, compassionate, and inclusive of others


An inspired citizen of the world who leads positive change and serves others within the school community and beyond

This is Our Edge

and what makes us different

This is Our World

Boarding or day, it's a place you'll never want to leave.


25+ countries represented among boarders
Outstanding facilities within 81 stunning acres in sunny Florida
Named Top 20 Boarding School in the World

This is Our Community

Strong relationships lie at the core of Saint Andrew’s.

Community Slider

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Melanie Gamboa

Mr. John McLeod

Saint Andrew's Student in Marine Biology class.

Saint Andrew's has really helped me find my passion.Melanie Gamboa, Upper School

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Mr. Paul Cornett

Saint Andrew's Student and science teacher discuss rocks.

One of the things I love the most about Saint Andrew's I have the freedom to learn in all sorts of different ways.Vida, Lower School

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Dr. Alex Prieto

Shona Harrison

Saint Andrew's Grade 8 student and her science teacherShona Harrison and Alex Prieto

“I feel I’ve had so much more one-on-one time with my teachers, that has really helped me grow and helped me with my academics. The teachers are so good about wanting you to succeed.”

Shona Harrison, Middle School

Community Popup

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I love the tremendous amount of opportunities I have here and being part of this community. Saint Andrew's has helped me so much in preparing me for my future and for college.

Melanie Gamboa

Melanie Gamboa
Upper School

I don't think I've ever seen Melanie have a bad day. She always has a smile on her face and is ready to get the job done. It's been a real pleasure to see how she's grown here.

John McLeod

Mr John McLeod
Science Instructor

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I like science class because it's really fun, and you get to learn how the world works.

Vida yearbook photo.

Lower School

As a single subject specialist teacher, I love that I get to see the students year after year. I get to see them and how they grow and change from year to year. I get to guide and nurture them in science.

Paul Cornett yearbook photo.

Mr. Paul Cornett
Lower School Science Teacher

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I feel I’ve had so much more one-on-one time with my teachers, that has really helped me grow and helped me with my academics. The teachers are so good about wanting you to succeed.

Shona Harrison grade 8 student

Shona Harrison
Middle School

Here at Saint Andrew’s we want Shona and all of our students to take in the values of mind, body, and spirit, and really resemble the portrait of a scot. Shona is a great example of this.

Dr. Alex Prieto, Middle School Science Faculty

Dr. Alex Prieto
Middle Science Instructor

This is What Lies Ahead

We prepare students for all futures.

Class of 1980

Anita Orr

Class of 1996

Kate and Dominic Delgado

Class of 1999

Franklin Homer 

Class of 2014

Kendall Greenberg 

This is Life Here

Imagine yourself participating, experiencing, enjoying...

This is Your Moment