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The Saint Andrew’s School endowment was established by Lucy and AD Henderson, school founders.  Today we recognize Lucy and AD Henderson through the Henderson Legacy Society established for donors who either make a gift to endowment outright or through their estate plans.

Today, Saint Andrew's has almost 70 named endowed funds and endowment resources in excess of $14.5 million. 

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Associate Headmaster for Development
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Director of Donor Relations
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The growth of the Saint Andrew’s School endowment is one of the schools highest priorities. With a larger endowment Saint Andrew’s School has greater flexibility in reacting to economic cycles and has additional resources to attract and retain the best and brightest students and faculty.

Endowment funds can support scholarships, academic chairs, professional development, academic programming, and facilities, and various other needs that fall within advancing the mission of Saint Andrew’s School. All endowed funds are awarded in perpetuity.

Unrestricted Gifts to Endowment
Unrestricted gifts to endowment may be made at any gift level and will be directed to general endowment. Private school leadership, including colleges, often explains that gifts of unrestricted endowment are the most valuable kind. This is true, not just because of the invaluable financial security and flexibility they provide, but for the clear message they send: we truly believe in the mission of Saint Andrew's School.

Faculty Endowments
Attractive opportunities exist to endow faculty chairs at Saint Andrew's School. With approximately 120 full-time faculty, endowed faculty funds reward and nourish the enrichment and continued excellence of the school's faculty. Not only do these funds recognize and encourage excellence in teaching by funding professional development, they also assist the school in recruiting and retaining the most qualified faculty to educate the students of today and tomorrow.

Faculty funds can be endowed as follows:
  • Endowed Headmaster's Fund: $1,000,000 
  • Endowed Chair for Faculty Excellence: $500,000 
  • Endowed Academic Chair: $250,000 
  • Endowed Faculty Funds: $50,000

Student Endowments
Perhaps one of Saint Andrew's most important needs is to increase scholarship endowment. Our school seeks motivated, talented students of strong character; a gift to endowment would improve Saint Andrew's ability to provide excellence in education to exemplary students. Independent schools of strong national reputation share in common an ability to matriculate students of the highest caliber who would otherwise not be able to afford full tuition. For Saint Andrew's, this capacity would directly improve the quality of education
Scholarships can be endowed as follows:
  • Fully Endowed Resident Student Scholarship: $1,250,000
  • Fully Endowed Day Student Scholarship: $750,000
  • Half Endowed Resident Student Scholarship: $500,000
  • Half Endowed Day Student Scholarship: $375,000
  • Partially Endowed Scholarship: from $250,000
  • Established Endowed Scholarship: $50,000

Other Endowed Funds
An endowed fund can be established to benefit the learning environment on campus. Funds can benefit specific buildings, classrooms, or the upkeep of our grounds.
Capital funds may be endowed as follows:
  • Endowed Capital Fund: $1,000,000
  • Partially Endowed Capital Fund: $500,000
  • Endowed Fund for Academics: $250,000
  • Endowed Fund for Athletics: $250,000
Endowment Spending Policy
Allowable spending from endowment is up to 5%. We encourage donors to place a waiting period on newly established restricted endowed funds to allow for growth.  The spendable income from each endowment fund is used to support the fund’s direct costs, as well as a portion of indirect costs. Distributions from scholarship endowments, for instance, generally fund full or partial scholarship grants and support indirect costs associated with those grants. Distributions from faculty chair endowments generally support the salary and fringe benefits of the chair-holder and other expenses relating to the chair-holder’s teaching and research. The size of a particular student’s grant or a particular faculty member’s salary will be determined by the school, of course. Endowment distributions will be used to help meet the cost.
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