Honor System

Honor System

At Saint Andrew's, we believe in “Honor Above All” and our Honor System 
teaches students to be honorable, respectful, and responsible young people. Our Honor System was established in 1990 and is primarily encouraged and administered by our students.

Honor Code

The centerpiece of the Honor System is the Honor Code, which states: “Honor Above All.” The Honor Code represents the highest ideals of moral development, integrity, and achievement, as well as respect for the ideas, work and property of others. The Honor Code also represents the School's commitment to fostering integrity and to teaching and promoting honor and trust within our community.

Honor Education Council

The Honor Education Council consists of students, faculty, and administrators. The primary responsibility of the Honor Education Council is to promote the value of honor through proactive educational programming. This programming takes many forms, and the Council is encouraged to challenge itself and the school community in thinking about and acting on honor in a variety of ways.

The Honor Education Council, chaired by the Senior Prefect and the Dean of Students, in conjunction with the Head of Upper School, consists of four seniors, three juniors, three sophomores, three freshmen, and two faculty members.  The students and faculty on the Council are elected by their peers.

Honor Board

The primary responsibility of the Honor Board is to make decisions in specific cases in which the Honor Code may have been violated. The Honor Board is an extension of the Honor Code, designed to teach students how to live their lives honorably and morally to be successful in college and in life.
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