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Middle School

 In Middle School, we provide support as students make the journey from dependence to independence. They are becoming increasingly aware of their role in the greater community. While we continue to offer the same nurturing environment that families value in the Lower School, we also provide students with more opportunities to challenge themselves academically and to take an active role in their own education. We strive for our students to become life-long learners. Having the curiosity and skills to formulate a good question is as important as knowing the answer. Curiosity, strong organization, critical thinking, respect for others, and open mindedness are all foundations of our Middle School philosophy.

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 Head of Middle School   Mrs. Ann Haynes
 Assistant Head of the Middle School  Mrs. Cathy Jennings
 Middle School Counselor  Mr. Ben Liston
 Chaplain  Rev. David Taylor
 Middle School Athletic Director  Mr. Chuck Tobey
 Registrar   Mrs. Susie Dean
 Office Secretary/Receptionist  Mrs. Anita Nabhan
 8th Grade Team Leader  Mrs. Carolyn Bogaski
 7th Grade Team leader  Mrs. Penny Potts-Hawk
 6th Grade Team Leader  Mrs. Angela Kopels


The Middle School curriculum includes a program of planned learning experiences in subject content, essential skills, personal attitudes, social development, spiritual awareness, and physical development. The program emphasizes the importance of process rather than final product. Cooperative learning experiences are promoted in the classroom. Goals involving reading, writing, and thinking skills are integrated into instruction in all subject areas. Exploratory learning opportunities are provided through well-defined and structured curricular offerings, field trips, other activity programs, and student-initiated experiences. All experiences serve to create opportunities for students to interact socially in a positive way, to learn the importance of self-discipline, and to work cooperatively with others. The Middle School encourages the development of independent learners with self-confidence.


Religious life at Saint Andrew's Middle School is firmly rooted in the Episcopal identity of the school.  As an Episcopal school, Saint Andrew's offers a welcoming and affirming environment where students can grow in their individual faith journeys.  Saint Andrew's presents the Episcopal tradition as a model for religious experience, while simultaneously lifts up other religious traditions as true paths to God.  Religious life manifests itself in three distinct, yet complementary ways.

A. Religious curriculum.  For one trimester each year students take Theology as part of their course schedule.  Sixth graders take Bible, seventh graders take World Religions, and eighth graders take Ethics.

B. Chapels.  The entire middle school (including core faculty) gathers every Monday and Thursday for community worship in the campus Chapel.  Chapel is the time when the customs and values of the Episcopal tradition are most clearly expressed.  The service includes prayers, scripture readings, hymns, and traditional processions led by faculty vergers.  Students of all faith backgrounds are able to participate as acolytes (worship assistants) and readers.  Chapel programs vary, including school ceremonies such as honor pinning, guest speakers, and celebrations of religious holidays.

 C. Chaplaincy.  The middle school is blessed to have a full-time associate chaplain working as the middle school Chaplain.  The chaplain coordinates chapel, teaches Theology classes, and organizes extra-curricular student groups such Christian Fellowship and Jewish Forum.  The chaplain is available to students of all faith backgrounds for their individual spiritual needs.


Saint Andrew's School is committed to the three-fold mission of the education of students in mind, body, and spirit. An integral part of that educational process is nurturing the emotional and psychological needs of the students. The counseling program has been created to allow proactive programming aimed towards increasing awareness of student health issues and, occasionally, intervention in crisis situations.

The School Counselor maintains strict confidentiality. Any information given is considered confidential, unless the information presents a clear and present danger to the student involved or to others. Any student who is considered a danger to him/ herself or to others will be asked to undergo psychological evaluation. The School reserves the right to require outside counseling services for a student; the cost of such services are the responsibility of the student's family.

Students may contact the School Counselor directly for support or guidance or may be referred by parents or faculty. Referrals may be made in person, on the phone, or in writing. The Middle School Counselor is available for individualized meetings and group discussions.


The Middle School life skills curriculum is designed to teach, enhance and build upon the strengths, and weaknesses, of our students in a proactive manner so that they can identify, generalize and address situations in a healthy manner.  Life skills are offered eleven times per year per grade in the sixth through eighth grade classes on a rotating basis. The object is to provide age appropriate learning and skills where students can challenge false beliefs, create a safe atmosphere where they can ask and answer questions and provide opportunities to practice new behaviors or entertain new thoughts. 

Topics that are covered in these life skills classes include, but are not limited to: orientation to the middle school, preparation for high school, appropriate relationships, bullying, mean girls, substance abuse education, peer pressure, sensitivity training, the power of words, study and organizational skills, stereotypes of society, rumors and gossip and more. Although these topics may vary, they are frequently revisited and used to build upon future lessons so that the topics are integrated. In addition, they often interchanged as needed rather than always delivered at a particular point in time.


The Character Education program works in conjunction with Virtue of the Month program which is run by the Chaplaincy department. The Character Education program serves to promote and educate students about the particular virtue, define its meaning and explore ways that the virtue can be  incorporate it into our daily lives. The program's purpose is to guide and challenge students toward making good moral and character choices using the virtue as a springboard. This program is delivered in a large group setting led by the Middle School Counselor.  Other resources, both in and out of the school are also used to emphasize key concepts to make the lessons engaging.


Field Trips are planned throughout the year to support classroom activities. Students are expected to participate and families are responsible for some additional costs.  Each grade level also plans an overnight trip between three and four days in length. The 6th grade visit is organized by Pathfinders Outdoor Education.  Students visit the West Coast of Florida for a team-building and outdoor education experience.  The 7th grade trip is a three-day event that visits sea camp in the Florida Keys.  The 8th grade has an annual trip to Washington, D.C.  In addition, trips are planned to take advantage of special art exhibits, museum, and theater events. 

TRL (Taking Responsibility for Learning)

Taking Responsibility for Learning (TRL) is scheduled on Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 2:40 to 3:25 pm, and is intended to support learning. Using TRL when extra help is needed can possibly eliminate the need for a tutor.  The computer lab and library are available for students who are working on a project or assignment. 

Students should use TRL to visit teachers for extra help or for quiet study time in homeroom.  Students are expected to report to their homeroom by 2:40 pm. with work that will keep them busy for 45 minutes. If a student needs to see a different teacher for extra help, the student informs the homeroom teacher prior to leaving. Make-up tests should be arranged during TRL.  Teachers occasionally request to see students during TRL time and it is essential that students attend these appointments. 



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