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Honor Code            

History of the Honor Code

"Trust" and "honor" are words that embody the moral and ethical foundation of the mission of Saint Andrew's School. The Honor System, established in response to student suggestions in 1990, is the structure that defines and promotes these values within the School community. The Honor System has been a part of Saint Andrew's since the fall of 1989, when Hilary Pushkin, the Student Council President, and Peter Fechtel, the Senior Class President, proposed the reinstitution of a Saint Andrew's School Honor System. An Honor Committee was named in January of 1990, with the charge of instituting the Saint Andrew's School Honor System, and Evan Nadel was named the first Senior Prefect. The Honor System went through an extensive process of evaluation and reconstitution during the 1996-'97 academic year.

The centerpiece of the Honor System is the Honor Code, which states: Honor Above All. The Honor Code represents the highest ideals of moral development, integrity, and achievement, as well as respect for the ideas, work and property of others. Second, the Honor Code represents the School's commitment to fostering integrity and to teaching and promoting honor and trust within our community.

It has been said, "The Honor System belongs to the students." One of the reasons the school administration has been so receptive to supporting the development of the Honor System is that it is an institution that is primarily encouraged and administered by the students. It empowers the students to determine the quality of their school. The Honor System has as its ideal that all students will be committed to honesty in all their academic and social endeavor.

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Honor Education Council

The Honor Education Council consists of students, faculty, and administrators. The students and faculty have been elected into the positions by their peers. The primary responsibility of the Honor Education Council is to promote the value of honor through proactive educational programming. This programming could take numerous forms, and the Council is encouraged to challenge itself and the School community in thinking about and acting on honor in a variety of ways. The goal of the Council is to promote continually the community's commitment to honor as a core value.

The Honor Education Council, chaired by the Senior Prefect and the Dean of Students, in conjunction with the Head of Upper School, consists of four seniors, three juniors, three sophomores, four freshmen, and two faculty members.

The Honor Education Council is responsible for the implementation of the annual Honor Pinning and Signing Ceremony, held at the beginning of each new school year, and the Honor Convocation. The purpose of each ceremony is for the community to commit itself to the Honor Code and to heighten our awareness that we are a community based on honor, trust, and integrity.

Honor Board

The Honor Board is a vital piece of the Honor System, a system that defines and promotes the values "trust" and "honor" within the Saint Andrew's School community. The primary responsibility of the Honor Board is to decide specific cases in which honor may have been violated. The Honor Board listens to each case brought before it and decides whether or not honor has been violated. If honor has been violated, the Honor Board recommends to the Head of Upper School a penalty for the individual who violated honor. Having said that, it is important not to perceive the Honor Board merely as a punitive system. The Honor Board is not about punishing; rather it's about educating and counseling students in matters of academic and social honor. The Honor Board is merely an extension of the Honor Code, as its true purpose is to teach students how to live their lives honorably and morally, not only here at Saint Andrew's but also especially later in their lives.

Upper School - Dean of Students

The Dean of Students serves as the first line of communication with students, faculty and parents about issues that affect the daily life of Upper School students, including discipline, honor, student leadership and student activities. The Dean of Students facilitates all Honor Board cases and, with the senior prefect of the Honor Board, directs the activities of the Honor Education Council . The Dean facilitates all discipline board cases and enforces the rules of conduct, attendance, and dress code at the Upper School level, and supports the faculty as they enforce these rules.

Middle School and Lower School

The respective Heads of School and their administrative staffs have the responsibilities for conduct and discipline, attendance, dress code, honor, and student activities and leadership at their respective levels.

Complete details of the Code of Conduct, Dress Codes, Substance Abuse and Possession Policy (no tolerance), Class Attendance, Chapel Attendance, Absence Policies, and Discipline Guidelines can be found in the respective Student Handbooks.


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